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Why a custom built site ?

It is easier to repurpose existing themes like many website designers do. Then why not just opt for that option? Well though it certainly can be done to save some money. And there is no harm in it. But there are times when you need your site to be designed after in-depth analysis and research. You want something very unique. It certainly helps you outshine your competitors. Helps businesses become more profitable. It is unique and enhances your brand value. It aligns with your business goals. Need we say more?

customized web design process

Understanding Your Needs


A uniquely designed website is one which is tailored around your needs. Therefore, to start with the designing process we send you a questionnaire to understand your objectives behind the website first. What is it that you wish to accomplish by using the site? How do you want to portray your Corporate Branding & Messaging.

We also strive to understand what your target markets are. When we understand your target audience we will be able to create a website that would appeal to that segment. This step helps us decide the colors, font, type of styling to use and much more.

Designing Process


This step involves Wireframing & UX Design. A tailormade website involves creating a Wireframe first. Wireframing is basically a skeletal framework of how elements would be placed on the web page. It is creating a layout without the design elements. It is done to improve user experience, keeping user intent & best practices in mind.
The website design & graphical elements are then created using the wireframe. The designs are usually done in Photoshop first. At this stage, the design is only a graphical image for the purpose of easy modification and changes. You get a chance here to work with us in improving or modifying the design.

Building the site


With the design finalized, we quickly convert them into an actual website. This step involves writing lots of code including HTML, CSS3, JQuery, some PHP, and a little bit of MySQL. There could be different designs for different sections, like the custom landing page design, blog design, headers, footers, sidebars and more. So all those sections need to be coded individually. Our focus is on Growth-Driven Design.
A hand coded website involves more work & time than it takes to customize a ready template. As the theme needs to be coded from scratch.

Website Completion


Once all the site is coded, we provide you a temporary URL. You can visit this URL to view the customized website we have designed for you. A final check on all pages, content, spellings, interlinking between pages are done. We also ensure the site is Responsive and mobile friendly, by checking to ensure the site renders perfectly on all devices, including mobile and handheld devices.
Once everything is checked, it is finally time to launch the site. Remember, that this marks the completion of the website part and the start of the website maintenance & marketing phase. It is now time to let everyone know about it.

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