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Website Designing


"If you are looking for Website Designing Institute in Noida, you have found the right place. Call/WhatsApp @9540935313"

Web Promos India offers web designing courses from designing experts. We provide you the best quality web designing training and also about web development. Our well structured course modules will give in-depth knowledge of designing skills. We provide you the practical training for all the concepts you learn. We will teach you both static and dynamic techniques on live projects.

Web Designing Training in Noida by 7+ Experienced with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Photoshop, PSD to HTML5, UI Testing, SEO, Web Hosting and Two Live projects with 100% Job Assistance.

Web Designing is the process of building websites. This includes layout design, markup, fonts, images, content and responsive utilities. In IT Sector, Web Designing with UI, User Interface Development is one the most demanding course with maximum job opportunities.

Web Promos India's Web Designing Course with Advance User Interface Development cover all important and highly demanded technologies like Html , CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap Framework, PSD to HTML5, PSD to Bootstrap Conversion, Web Hosting, SEO Intro, UI Testing and finally two Live Projects.

After completion of our Web Designing Course, candidate will be able to design any website of his choice perfectly, with Latest Websites Trends, can host his website on web server, and can do seo of this projects.

Detailed Syllabus of website Designing Course:

  • Fundamental of Web Page Designing
  • Different Rules of Web Designing
  • Launching a Website
  • Understanding Cpanel and FTP
  • Supporting Browsers for Web pages
  • Client Side and Server Side Scripting
  • Mobile Compatible Web Designing
  • File saving modes
  • Shopping Portals and E-commerce Designing
  • SEO-Friendly Web Structure
  • Different Frameworks in Website Designing
  • Tags, Div and Table in HTML
  • Webpage layout and structure
  • Choosing color combination
  • Choosing Website Themes
  • Image Optimization or Resizing Images
  • Uploading Audios and Videos in Website
  • Doctype and HTML Heads
  • Body and Header Tags
  • Attributes for Background, Bg color and Text color.
  • New tags added in HTML5
  • Margin, padding & positioning
  • SVG
  • Video & Audio Tags
  • Canvas
  • Geolocation
  • Shadow & Gradient
  • Borders radius



  • Advance Drop down menu
  • Creating Drop down with the help of list
  • Text effects with CSS3
  • Building advanced Navigation Systems in CSS
  • Object transformation
  • Transitions
  • Software Installation
  • Wordpress Installation
  • Designing sites in Wordpress
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Jquery for Mobile
  • Photoshop
  • Logo Designing
  • Vector and Graphic Software
  • Slice Cutting
  • Selection of an area
  • Text tool details
  • Opacity & fill
  • Screen resolution
  • Forms and forms attributes
  • Styling Forms
  • CSS linking types and coding for linking
  • Text, Image and Link effects with CSS
  • Responsive Web Designing
  • Practicing on Dreamweaver and  other tools
  • Final Projects
  • Submitting Projects